Hollygrove Church of Christ

2940 Cambronne Street

New Orleans




We have been blessed to be a part of God's redemptive story in New Orleans bringing new life to an area devestated by death and destruction brought by Hurricane Katrina.  After the hurricane Carrollton's leadership felt called to become a church planting church again even as we were beginning the process of rebuilding our own building which had four feet of standing water. 

The new church in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans became one of the fruits of that calling. 

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This is what the auditorium looked like after we cleaned it up/out and replaced the rotting floors. 

                     Grand Opening Was January 4th 2009

After three years of prayer and the hard work of hundreds of people who sacrificed their time, talents, and money we opened the doors to a small outpost in the Kingdom of God with just the little church building and the children Charles and Angela Marsalis had been ministering to on the front porch of a flooded out house. 

When we opened in 2009 these 30 donated chairs were more than enough to seat all the kids and a few of their parents who followed their children into the story God was writing in Hollygrove.  (One did not have to look closely to see the amazing carpet was a donation from a generous local hotel.) 

Jumping forward to 2016

Over the next few years we finished the "mission house" next door as well as a home in the back where Charles and Angela now live.  God has blessed this ministry and we've had to add chairs and move things around over and over until we're pretty much wall to wall!

Current plans call for moving the wall on the left out until we join with the white building to the side of us. This expansion will increase our seating by over 50% and allow us to add a baptistry and additional bathroom facilities.

If you would like to be a part of the next chapter in this awesome story please get in touch with Charles or, better yet, stop by and see what God has done with just a couple of fish and a little bread.