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Carrollton Avenue Church of Christ

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Like our congregation, the leadership at Carrollton is a racially diverse group of God's people. We are blessed to serve our congregation, New Orleans, and each other.

Our Office Staff

Angela Marsalis is our office administrator and doer of all things office both at Carrollton and at Hollygrove. 

Our Other Staff

Charles Marsalis and Kirk Garrison serve as our ministers.  They share ministry duties, the blame, and on a good day, lunch.  In fact, looking back over the past ten years, one finds that most of their staff meetings involved is New Orleans

This is the "we're going to take a picture please pick up your office" picture of Kirk in his office.  He does some of the preaching, moves papers around his desk, and says he spends time "thinking."




Angela's beloved husband is Charles Marsalis who serves as one of Carrollton's ministers. Aside from all their other responsibilities, Charles and Angela also lead Carrollton's outreach in Hollygrove--an inner-city neighborhood a few miles from our building where we planted a new church in 2009.  Most of Charles' time is spent in Hollygrove serving the people of that neighborhood. 




Perry Rogers is our Children's Minister, Director of KidCity, and Executive Director of MidCity Ministries. Always in motion, she finally slowed down long enough to get caught on film as she tutored one afternoon.  Her Masters in Education has been a blessing to our ministry to the children in our neighborhood.



Our Elders


Charles Edgerson and Robert Carpenter are our two Shepherds.  Charles is a postman in New Orleans, and Robert is retired but working hard on all sorts of ministries.  With generous hearts and loving words, they have led the Carrollton family through an extraordinarly difficult period after Hurricane Katrina with grace and compassion.  They lead through humble, sacrificial service to the body of Christ .


Some More Staff

(that doesn't even have an office)

Xander and Nicole Waites live next to Carrollton's church building in MidCity.  They serve as our missionaries to the community which involves hanging out on their front porch, eating lunch with new friends, and giving of themselves in more ways than a simple sentence can capture.