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Summer Drama Camp 2016

June 27-July 14th.  


Summer Drama Camps

Our three week Summer Camp for the neighborhood children is a way for us to minister to them, teach them, and model for them what Christ is like.  Each year we do a different Bible story and let them retell the story for their parents and friends in song, dance, and drama on the last night of camp.  As the kids get older, they can apply to be camp counselors joining with our teens to mentor the younger ones.

Our camp also allows us to stay in touch with our KidCity children and deepen relationships with their siblings and with children from Hollygrove.  These are a few of our 2012 campers posing while they wait their turn to rehearse. 


Below we have one of the "dress" rehearsals for the young ladies of camp. So much to learn...so little time. The big show for their parents is almost here.  Camp this year went by so quickly.


Kid City is a ministry MidCity Ministries in partnership with Carrollton Avenue congregation designed to reach out to the childen of the church's immediate neighborhood.  It began in 2000 as an after school tutoring program for children in elementary school but soon expanded to include a Pioneer Kids club for 5th and 6th graders.  As test scores rose and word spread about our efforts, we had more children asking to be in the program than we had volunteers or computers. 

Relationships naturally developed between the children and the families at Carrollton, and we did not want to lose touch with the children during the summer, so a three week summer arts and drama camp evolved and became the highlight of the summer for us.  The focus of each summer's camp was the production of a show which the church, community, and especially the parents of the participants could attend.  This show gave our children, wearing costumes they made, dancing numbers they had learned, and acting in front of a set they helped paint, a chance to shine!  We believe that God blessed our congregation with the opportunity to serve our city's children and to reflect Christ's love to our community.  Even more than this, our congregation was enriched by the love and enthusiasm of the children who became a part of our church family through Kid City. 


Why do we do this?





Because, sometimes it is in the eyes of our children that you can see into the heart of God.  In His kingdom love sees no color.